One of the ambitious goals of SpaceX which will cost billions of money is to construct a huge satellite that will beam internet. This new goal of SpaceX will change the world completely.

The project is officially known as Starlink which aims to send thousands of satellite on the company rockets to a lower orbit of the Earth which can eventually beam internet down to Earth. This technology will bypass the need for ground-based complicated infrastructure. If all works out fine, people will be able to access the internet with the need of only a small-sized terminal to gain connectivity of about 12,000 small satellites.

It is one of the challenging projects undertaken by SpaceX and will cost the company more than $10 billion to make it happen. SpaceX has got the authorization of the FCC and will have to launch 50 percent of its total 4,425 satellites by the year of 2024 and complete its first phase by the year 2027.

FCC in March stated that the SpaceX project will enable reliable, high speed and affordable internet services to the customers in the US as well as other parts of the world including the most remote areas as well. The second phase which the company will be launching consists of more than 7,500 satellites. These satellites will be launched to a much lower orbit than that of the first phase so that it will help to reduce latency or the delay before the transfer of data begins. The satellites which are placed into higher orbits usually suffer from higher latency due to the long distance from our planet. 

The testing of the satellites and other things is underway now, thanks to two prototypes of Starlink launched from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in the month of February as payloads on PAZ, a Falcon 9 mission. The Microsats 2a and 2b were named Tintin A and Tintin B was expected to beam down “hello world” to Earth, as the satellites passed above Los Angeles. 

Even though there are great challenges for the company to move forward with the project, one of its major advantages is that SpaceX controls the ride to orbit through its heavy launch vehicles like the Falcon 9. And added to it, SpaceX’s vertical integration emphasis or limiting outsources will help to do things in a more affordable way. There is no question about this project changing the world.