Tapping on the Space Nation Navigator application symbol opens missions.  ‘Mind mission,’ involves a telephone game where ‘You do not have any contact in ground control. You will have to guarantee that you securely convey the shuttle to Earth inside the arrival zone.’ Using your telephone as a controller, this is with the assistance of from gadget spinner, you explore towards bases and after that float over them to hoard focuses. Another huge test is ‘Body Mission,’ where the Meteor is setting out toward your neighborhood. ‘Head outside and keep running the extent that you can’ the application requests and afterward monitors your advance utilizing your telephone’s GPS. If you do so, you can have the capacity to earn 50 points and perhaps get a spot on the leaderboard, where there are in excess of 1000 players that are positioned. This leaderboard is exceptionally critical. You could make it over and again amid Space Nation’s weeklong instructional courses and turn out to be among the best 100, most committed players. Those 100 will get limited to 12 through extra preparing and messaging, and the organization will send twelve players to a serious, 12-week in-person preparing system to end up a genuine space traveler. A segment of the in-person preparing will then occur in Iceland, which has had a long history of the spaceflight preparing. The principal bunch of the Apollo space explorers traveled to Iceland in July 1965. It additionally has the landscape that some previous space travelers have regarded the most comparative on earth to the surface of the moon. Space Nation is facilitating a gathering of online influencers in Iceland starting on May 14 to try out parts of its future space traveler preparing and get to lay the preparation, obviously for online advancement of the application. There are certifiable sponsorship chances to be considered, as the 2018 competition may get broadcast or may turn into a narrative of sorts. Of the 12 people that are chosen for thorough in-person preparing, which will probably occur next spring, one individual will prove to be the best and basically, will be given a ticket to space. Space Nation’s first-year victor will most likely be sent just on an explanatory flight-yet for the coming a very long time of the program; the organization trusts it will have the capacity to send more individuals on the International Space Station. Space Nation is at its underlying stages, and the organization’s designs incorporate how it will get somebody into space are generally outlined