Elon Musk, the founder of Space X, has a surprise for the world and more so the people of Los Angeles. His company is building the Big Falcon Rocket. The construction site will be the Port of Los Angeles. The enormous launch system would take people to Mars and bring them back. Another option is to go around the earth in it. What is surprising about it is the fact that it is reusable.

As of 2019, the company wants to begin its up and down launches. Since it will be testing, they will be short ones. Do you know how tall the spaceship will be? The height is 157 feet! The venue of the tests will be in McGregor, Texas in a campus owned by the company. The project is huge. Therefore, what are they doing to make it a reality by 2022? Continue reading to find out.

They have carried out important land surveys. The conclusion that was arrived at as its ideal station is the waterfront of the Los Angeles Port. We will soon look into details why it was the most suitable spot. The expectations are that the construction site is a 19-acre plot. The port has offered the Berth 240 location to the SpaceX. The cost will be $1.38 million annually. The end of speculations was the anonymous confirmation by Eric Berger. That was regarding the use of the site to be for BFR.

According to Elon the CEO, the dimensions are huge. The height and the diameter of the rocket will be 350 feet and 30 feet, respectively. Other than that, it will have two segments namely the booster stage as well as the upper stage.  The former will facilitate the landing operations while the former will be responsible for transportation. The latter will involve satellites, people, and supplies. The rocket will also be reusable.

By 2012, the expectation of the SpaceX’s director of Construction and Real Estate by the name Bruce McHugh is that the booster will be ready. For the case of the CEO, the whole aircraft should be complete by 2022. At first, it will embark on a Mars’ robotic mission. That would be in the year above. It will be ready for human expedition later.

For the reason why the Los Angeles Port is the most suitable place, it is apparent. The size I highlighted earlier is too big for road transport. It is the best option to transport BFR to Cape Canaveral, Florida. The route will be via the Panama Canal. Other areas thought of before the decision were those in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Due to that fact, Hawthorne, California which is its inland headquarter was not an option.

In conclusion, I will echo the words of Eric Garcetti the Los Angeles Mayor. It brings hope that people will one day explore the red planet. While at it, it will also offer employment. With the BFR, the future seems brighter than the present.