NASA is not leaving any stone unturned to undergo a deep space exploration. The goal is to explore the moon and gain every detail about it. NASA officials in a press conference held at Johnson Space Center (JSC) in Houston yesterday told about their deep space exploration programs. Also, they give an insight into other launches one of which is agency’s Orion spacecraft. It will be launched around the moon for exploring it even more.

As per the report from NASA, the launch date is not very soon but approximately in the year 2020. But few sources revealed that by the end of 2019 Orion would get launched since NASA is using massive Space Launch System to send Orion around the moon. An in-depth assessment of the probability of the success of the launch has already made. Ochoa told the press that although the expected date is in 2020, we are pressurizing our folks to work fast and give the launch by the end of 2019. Meeting the deadlines and perusing it even before is what we are looking forward to.

Adding further Ochoa said that the spacecraft EM-1 is already being assembled to precede our first test flight at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. They are awaiting the European Service Module whose expected delivery is the summers of this year. This module is going to be very important for the first flight. It will sit below the Orion and with the abort system attached above. EM-2, which is the spacecraft for the second flight of Orion is being assembled the Michoud Assembly Facility in Louisiana. Once the first flight becomes a success, the second one will make its move.

In the press conference, Ochoa told that we would test the abort system of the spacecraft after the launch to a point more than 6 miles (9.7 kilometers) high in a short, but intensive test called Ascent Abort-2. The whole procedure will take only 3 minutes, but in these 3 minutes, a lot of excitement and thrill will be sensed.

Vanessa Wyche director of the Exploration Integration and Science Directorate at NASA further told that one Orion reaches the moon, NASA will take enough time to hone its systems and will create an orbiting outpost called the Deep Space Gateway. Orion is a great mission with the prospect of getting deep space explorations. It will certainly unfold many new features, and we all are looking forward to it.