The return to the moon is soon going to see some positive vibes. According to speculations, the first take off will be early 2019, and the agency awarded the first contract to the Lunar Gateway Program.

The Lunar Orbital Platform– gateway is one of the most viable projects for NASA. It will help the organization to study the moon and many other space environments which was still now impossible. But in the later stage it may be used as a station to travel to and fro from mars.

For this project, NASA’s investment is divided into several parts and is important for the reader’s knowledge.

The first part is invested on power and propulsion elements which will start from next year, and after this the focus will be on habitation components.

The project will open windows of opportunities for NASA. At first, it will help in human landing on the moon, and also determine water near the surface of the moon. 

The gravitational force of moon may help the spacecraft to reduce the intense speed for a six months journey to and fro from mars. This will enable the re-entry to earth’s atmosphere.

According to a statement from NASA there is a lot left to understand the orbital mechanism of the moon. As this is just the inception more opportunities will come across to discover the mystery.

In the year 2017 around November NASA made a selection of five companies to assemble knowledge on the high power solar electric propulsion system for the use of the deep space mission in the future.

It is inevitable that the time ahead will require a propulsion system which will be three times more capable in terms of work.

The Orion Spacecraft which is assembled by Lockheed Martin will be on board for the trips to the gateway.  According to some unofficial reports, the first spacecraft will be taking off early 2019.  Orion will use command deck while docked to the platform.

This project is a big investment for NASA, and they have roped in the best people for this. According to Gernstenmaier, the mission is a stepping stone and not end goal as there is more to achieve. Even the budget planning is done in a realistic manner which is a prime strategy for NASA.