In the 34th Annual Space Symposium held in Colorado, the Vice President, Mike Pence showcased the expected future of America in space exploration. He said that we are moving on the right track under the Trumps’ administration which is going to begin the new era of activities of human in the space. He says that in the coming days more enthralling and new opportunities would wait for all of us. We would face new challenges, and many space exploration and missions will be held.

Adding further he said, that in the next few years space programs will change dramatically and therefore, thinking big and setting higher goals should be the primary priority. Many American spacecraft are going to explore Mars by the end of 2024. He told that adding a working base in the moon will open many new opportunities in the context. The first asteroid mining project is expected to provide good minerals to America. The primary goal should be encompassing many low-orbit systems in-between earth and moon. This would enhance space tourism, commercial manufacturing, and other crucial space-related industries.

Once all the goals are achieved by the United States, it would become the first country in the world which will have economic superiority for many coming years. This would also enhance the defense capabilities of the country, and US forces would surpass all.

He told that these visions could only be achieved if we keep our eyes fixed on technological and entrepreneurial revolutions. He emphasized on concentrating on these three important points:

  • Implementing the practice of having reusable rockets that will in turn cut short the cost incurred in manufacturing and launches. This will ultimately increase the frequency of launches. From the ten massive launches, a shift to 100 big launches can be attained.
  • Another point which must be considered seriously is the field of 3D printing, robotics, and autonomous assembly. A large number of startups are on their way to manufacture rocket engines with the help of 3D printing. Startups are also in the field of the autonomous assembly along with robotics. All this could help us attain the dream of being a superpower by the end of 2024 easily.
  • Thirdly working on artificial intelligence and nanoscale science and technology will give another level of information. Working on them strictly and bringing them in the practical use before 2024 will benefit the country to a great extent.