There was a blow to the fans The Expanse. That was as a result of the cancellation of the space epic. Syfy is the network that has been airing it ever since its premiere. That is after only three seasons. Going by the’s report, the last time you will watch the show from Syfy will be in July. That is when they will air the final episode. What does that mean for the followers? Here is a possibility that is on the table. Alcon Television Group wants to sell it to other networks. It is the production company of Expanse.

What did Syfy have to say about the matter? First of all, Chris McCumber acknowledged the journey about the solar system that the television series has taken its viewers. Chris works at the NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment as the president of entertainment networks. That is the parent company that includes the likes of Syfy. He went ahead and said that even people at Syfy are great followers of the same. As a result of that, the decision to terminate the show wasn’t easy after all. In addition to that, he acknowledged both the Expanse team and its fans. He said that the team did a great job in bringing the story of S.A. Corey to life.

What could have led to the cancellation? raised a concern. The viewership of the show deteriorated as time went by. Each new season came with fewer viewers. That is enough reason to scrap the television season. Nevertheless, whether it is the actual cause is an answer on Syfy has.

The viewing wasn’t all bad though. However, as far as Rotten Tomatoes is concerned, it left so much to be desired. The third one was extreme especially the fifth episode aired on 9th March 2018. Did they consider other venues? I doubt that because the decision of Syfy is final.

Andrew Kosove together with Broderick Johnson shared their disappointment. They told how dismaying the matter was. Many people understand where they are coming from of course. They are the founders as well as CEOs of Alcon Entertainers. The duo respects that decision. They plan to pursue other alternatives nonetheless.

To the fans, this is what I would recommend. Let the news not hinder you from enjoying the remaining episodes. You have up to July to enjoy it, and eight episodes are remaining. Who knows about tomorrow? Another TV network may embrace it sooner than you expect.