NASA decided to kill their Lunar-Resources Mission. It involved a lander and a rover that would use solar. The latter would contain a drill. Its purpose was to carry out an evaluation of resources on the moon that would be of great help to humans. It came as a surprise to many people. That is because of the fact that, the administration of President Donald Trump had listed it among its priorities.

There were obvious reasons why it was a matter of greatest importance. The Resource Prospector mission would have been of great help. A rover would have been sent to the polar regions of the moon. The aim was to study water together with other materials. The exercise would cover not only the ground but also the lunar surface slightly below. It would be the breakthrough that scientists have been waiting for. As much as they are now aware of the existence of water ice on the moon, they still remain dark when it comes to the deposits.

Another reason is the fact that as of now it is the only moon mission of NASA. Equally important, according to The Verge’s report, it has been worked on for more than four years. In its report, it goes further to say that the ice can melt. In addition to that, it can split into oxygen and hydrogen. If that would happen, people would locally access think like oxygen and water when in the moon. Other than that, it would be a source of rocket propellant. With such resources, the cost of launches would go low.

The other commentator was Phil Metzger. Phil speaks as an expert and an insider. He works at the University of Central Florida as a planetary physicist. Besides that, he is a member of the Resource Prospector’s science team. His belief is that the project would have helped in designing a tool capable of not only mining but also delivering water to the outpost.

Considering all the above reasons, it is hard to accept that it will no longer proceed. Engineers have worked tirelessly on it. There was testing throughout 2015 and 2016. Its launch would have been in 2012. To see if it will get another shot, Jim Bridenstine has received an open letter from scientists. As the new administrator of NASA, the letter is in the right hands.

What will happen next? With NASA reconsider that decision? Only time can give the answers.