Cars and Space travel are two different industries. But there are various ways by which both of these companies complement each other. CEO for both the companies is the same, and as a result, both of these companies use each other’s strength to maximize their profit. For instance, Tesla’s earthbound cars to use the satellite broadband network such as GPS which again SpaceX is trying to launch into the orbit successfully.

As per the CNBC reports free cars like that of Tesla will be in a position to generate a massive amount of data. In the recent scenario, autonomous test vehicles create data which is believed to be 500 times than that of the smartphones can generate. It won’t be much longer than these autonomous vehicles on the road will exchange such amount of data that it will ultimately lead to overloading the current system.

Fortunately for Elon Musk, he owns a company like Tesla which manufactures electric cars which are already technology savvy and use the latest fully autonomous operations. At eh same time Elon Musk also owns SpaceX, a company which is working all the time to launch spacecraft and satellites into the orbit and thereby help civilization on the earth. Last month the Federal Communication approved one of its plans to launch Starlink, which is a network of 4425 satellites. The company has further plans to position this Starlink into the lower orbit of the Earth to provide uninterrupted broadband services across the globe. This is what Tesla needs to upgrade its database without bogging down the ground-based cellular networks.

SpaceX has already launched several satellites into the earth’s orbit for Iridium network. On March 30 SpaceX launched ten new iridium satellites and positioned them into the realm for improving the navigation network facility. Furthermore, such satellites are in the pipeline to be launched.

It is much more costly to place satellites on higher orbits than to put them on the lower realm, which is actually few hundred miles above from the earth’s surface. Again satellites which are positioned at a higher orbit require more powerful antennas and high-frequency communication system to make itself compelling. The biggest problem with low orbit satellites is that they can be connected only by the ground station and that too for a maximum of 10 minutes and such connection can be made just when such satellites are passing overhead.