Spacewalks of astronauts are going to build by students of the University of Akron. The students who are going to build the new augmented helmet are from the undergraduate and the graduate levels. In doing so, the space tasks of the astronauts such as the spacewalks are going to be easy. 

The ten teams come from the United States, and each team has the task of designing reality helmets. These have display systems that enable astronauts to have easy and effective tasks during space travels. Hence, the completion of each mission is an assurance for NASA and the world. 

The Virtual Environments for Space Travel or the VEST team is going to go to NASA to begin the creation of the helmets. They would compete with the other teams and discovery the best designs and creation for the helmets. The new helmets would be together with the new space suits. 

According to Shiva Sastry, the selection of NASA for students in UA is a great acknowledgment of the skills and talents of the student in the school. It also showcases the capability of the students when it comes to making the reality helmets. It would be a great help to the astronauts during the present and future travels on the moon or any parts of space. 

The helmets are under a set of displays that are the students would choose. Here, there is the mixed reality concept together with the smart glasses that are the Microsoft Hololens. 

The new helmets are going yield a productive result for the astronauts. Astronauts rely on radio transmissions from the crewmembers and mission control signals to complete their tasks. In using the augmented helmets, there is a different view when it comes to the manner of executing the procedures. The new helmets enable them to see the information, instruction, and procedures regarding their task. 

It proves to be easy and simple. It would give the men efficiency in their work together with the assurance of a successful task.  The new helmets are a modern breaking point to the discoveries and future missions that are going to happen in space. According to Kyle Vasulka, an engineering and computer major, The VEST team plan to go to NASA is exciting and gives the students a chance in showing the skills and talents they have. 

It also serves as a challenge due to the competition with other teams. The VEST team is on its way to devising the best ways of creating the helmet and plans to recruit other students to join them.