Spotify playlist placement acts almost winning role in popularizing the author of the song and the composition itself.

The results were quite interesting, they can be used by both the musicians themselves and the labels that own the rights to music. In addition, many details may be useful to ordinary users who listen to music on Spotify only from time to time.

Over the past couple of decades, technology for transmitting data on the network has become extremely popular among a wide range of users. Among others, it turned out to be beneficial for the creators of music mainly, probably, to major labels, which own all the rights to perform a particular composition.

Spotify currently has about 35 million tracks available to listen to at any time. The service gives music lovers the opportunity to listen to the compositions of new authors, and not only famous labels and the opportunity to go to the top of many works, and their authors to become popular.

But how to choose among all these tens of millions of songs that you might like? Spotify offers users a specialized service that provides an individual selection of tunes. He offers the listener a specific composition, and he has the right to accept the recommendation or refuse it. Spotify is far from always guessing, so in most cases it’s easier not to learn new things, but to listen to what you like.

If a new song is on any general list, you can be sure that it will have from hundreds of thousands to millions of fans. And the author will significantly increase the level of deductions for music posted on the service.

Now Spotify continues to establish a system of communication with officials, and very well. The European Commission also favors the service, considering it useful. The ultimate goal of such interaction is to make the community of musicians, publishers and authors closer, reducing the number of claims to each other.