We all know that Hawaii is a beautiful island with nature’s various treasures hidden in it. Being home to many volcanoes, the island keeps on surprising us from time to time. It once again surprised us when the Kilauea volcano’s plumes were being observed from the International Space Station (ISS). The astronauts at the ISS watched these unique plumes of the Kilauea volcano and shared the distinctive images of the same on the social networking site, Twitter. 

The volcanic eruption of Kilauea along with the plumes was observed and captured carefully by the astronauts. The Kilauea is known as one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is said t be erupting for the last thirty-five years. The levels of lava started dropping n May 2, and the crater called Pu’u ‘Ō’ō crater started oozing out the lava into the local area. The Geological Survey of United States disclosed this information. After the initiation of the outpour of lava, the fissures of eighteen active volcanoes also got opened up. The CNN news report verified that after such a situation, the local people were compelled to evacuate the concerned region. 

The volcanic eruption activity of Kilauea is pervasive and harsh. Therefore, this eruption activity was quickly noticed by the astronauts from the space. Although the images received from the satellites were providing details for the Kilauea volcanic activity, the observations of astronauts described their appalling views. Ricky Arnold and A.J. (Drew), the astronauts of National Aeronautics Space Agency and cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev shred their views. All three of them observed the plumes of the Kilauea volcano and communicated the information. The lava has been spewing out high at almost the height of thirty feet. Also, the volcanic eruption activity has expanded over the whole island as numerous fissures have opened up. 

While more than two thousand people have already evacuated the surrounding areas, the volcanic lava is still creating a terrifying condition for the adjoining areas. Arnold tweeted and said that the astronauts above have been sending aloha to the residents of Hawaii. Aloha is a traditional greeting of Hawaii which is considered very important and full of spirituality. The footage shared by the astronauts is expected to be very helpful and supportive in identifying, analyzing and solving the problem of volcanic eruption activity of Kilauea volcano.