In the second attempt, SpaceX has successfully launched the Bangladesh government’s first-ever Bangabandhu-1 satellite into space on Friday. The center of attraction for this launch was the new version of Falcon 9 Block 5 which is the latest of the Falcon 9 series. The Company head, Mr.Elon Musk said that this version of the rocket is the most advanced, reusable and affordable version of his company’s workhorse orbital rocket. Mr. Musk has also added that this is just the beginning and that his company will set the record for producing the highest number of missiles in the current year.

In the year of 2019, the company has furthermore planned to execute. Among them will include a Falcon 9 mission, a landing of the booster, inspecting it and getting it back to the launch pad within 24 hours or less. Musk thanked his employees and staff for putting in their hard efforts for this long journey of 16 years. Since 2002, Musk and his company have been trying hard to give their hundred percent in achieving what they had set out to be. They made all the necessary changes, little amendments here and there and finally reached and realized that success after the crossing of so many hurdles and obstacles.

Till date, SpaceX has launched 56 missions aboard Falcon 9 rocket since its inception in the year of June 2010. In the current year, taking into consideration the latest launch of the Bangabandhu satellite, the Falcon 9 has taken off eight times. Unlike other rockets there has been constant up gradation in the designing aspect of the missile, making it that much stronger, technology savvy, lighter and powerful. The most important change that was brought about was the addition of avionics, grind fins and the landing legs that allow the 16-story booster which accounts for nearly 60% to 70% of the marginal launch costs. Musk himself submitted this data in a recent press release. This data is pretty different from any other rockets that are launched as of now. All other missiles take off once and are after that discarded.

Musk has full faith in the latest version of the Falcon 9 series. He intends to reuse the rocket more than ten times for each new booster with only fast inspections in between. However, he plans to reuse the rocket 100 times while resorting to minor refurbishments and servicing.