SpaceX has the aim to execute 300 missions over the next five years. To implement this plan, it is ready to set up about 30 to 40 rockets in pretty quick succession. After that, the Big Falcon Rocket will come into the place replacing the older version of the Falcon 9. The main aim of Big Falcon Rocket is to take anyone into space, moon, mars and the even outer planet. This statement was being made by the CEO of SpaceX, Mr. Elon Musk.

After an upgraded version of the Falcon 9 Block, five was lifted into space which was carrying Bangladesh Government first-ever satellite known as the Bangabandhu-1, Mr. Musk very confidently said that this liftoff was just the beginning. SpaceX has the mission to complete 300 such missions within a span of next five years. The Block 5 version was launched from the Kennedy Space Center in its maiden journey to the outer space. The first stage of the rocket was successfully recovered at an unmanned platform vessel in the Pacific Ocean.

The Block 5 booster is designed in such a way that a way that it will be capable of 10 or even more flights with very negligible repairs and it is capable of making 100 or more such flight with some minor refurbishments or renovations. SpaceX has the intention to reuse its rockets with a high level of efficiency and high level of reliability. Musk has further added that it would appear to be quick bizarre that we used to crash the rockets into the oceans rather than reusing them for further flights.

The latest version of the Falcon 9 is supposed to bring the NASA astronauts to the International Space Station in the coming days. To ensure the safety of such astronauts a lot of amendments’ in the design have been made for the rocket. Such changes will help the engineers to refurbish its first stages so that more light can take off cost-effectively. The helium tanks of the missile have been rectified which got raptured in the pre-launch test in the year of September 2016 leading to an explosion.

The BFR will be used to explore the Red Planet which is one o the many dreams that Musk has seen over the last few years. It is an aim which is scheduled to touch reality within 2022 and will be built in the Port off Los Angeles.