Elon Musk, together with the SpaceX expects a couple of more Falcon Heavy launches this year. According to the agency’s CEO and founder, Elon Musk, they expect more Falcon Heavy launches this year. He also added that this year would be a great year for the SpaceX. 

The first launch of the Falcon Heavy is expected this summer, and the said mission aims to orbit with the NASA science spacecraft riding as its secondary payloads. The second mission of the Falcon Heavy will take the Arabsat-6A communications satellite to orbit in late 2018. The SpaceX has not commented on the booster recovery details that surrounds the mission whether or not the drone ship and Cape Canaveral will be involved. 

On the SpaceX workhorse vehicle, it has a ton of Falcon Heavy’s to fly this year and a cluster of re-flights to do. The SpaceX is planning to debut the Block V version of the Falcon 9 rocket which is designed with greater reusability. The mission will also take the first geostationary satellite of the Bangladesh which aims to orbit from KSC’s pad 39A. SpaceX, together with NASA targets the launch of its planet hunter scrub. 

SpaceX stood down to perform more control system and analysis to the rocket’s navigation and guidance system. The NASA’s TESS mission expects to determine the thousands of planets orbiting nearby and the bright stars. The cameras are what makes it possible for TESS to detect the tiny dips in light. There were also follow up observations about the Earth-like planets that could potentially support life. 

With the success of the previous launch, the SpaceX aims to perform more launches this year. SpaceX continues to make history as the only spacecraft agency to make the highest-capacity rocket platform and accomplishing the first double autonomous booster landing. Elon Musk ambitious timeline proves that the SpaceX has a lot more to offer this year. 

With the SpaceX three major events this year, two during the summer and the last one by the end of the year. The last major attempt of the SpaceX for this year is the crewed flight of the New Dragon capsule. Musk said that after the Falcon Heavy Block 5 and Falcon 9, they are now aspiring to fly a crew orbit roughly at the end of the year. The crewed mission is the next major interest of most industries, and the SpaceX will be competing the Boeing for the glory of it.