As per the sources, a SpaceX Dragon Cargo ship is coming back to Earth on 5th of May. It is supposed to carry along with it more than 2 tons of NASA gear from the International Space Station. On 5th of May NASA will be quite busy for the landing of the Cargo ship which initially took for a voyage to Mars.

SpaceX and NASA had initially planned for landing the Dragon ship on Wednesday, but the lousy sea conditions at the capsule’s splashdown zone forced NASA to reschedule its homecoming. The spacecraft splashdown area would cover around 400 miles southwest of long beach which is situated in California, off the coast of Baja California.

Just hours before the spacecraft left the International Space Station, NASA set off the Insight Mars Lander which was launched from the Vanderberg Air Force Base which is situated in California. InSight took off with the help of a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket at 7:05 EDT to begin a journey of 6 months to Mars. The spacecraft is scheduled to reach Mars on Nov 26.

The Dragon Capsule was launched to provide 2630 kilograms of experiment gear as well as other supplies for the help of the six-person crew at the International Space Station. This happens to the 14th Cargo delivery mission for NASA, while it was the second delivery mission for the Dragon Capsule. During this return trip, the Dragon Capsule is carrying along with it different varieties of science gear, including mice that were also a part of the habitat in space. There are also other samples of plants, human tissue, and insects that are preserved inside the freezers of the space station.

Dragon Capsule is also bringing back with it the NASA’s Robonaut 2 robot. This robot was made to help the astronauts with their routine chores up in the space. However, Robonaut 2 broke down in the year of 2014, and as such, it is being brought back for repairs and maintenance. In fact, the astronauts had some fun at the time of packing the Robonaut 2. They even posted pictures on Twitter at the time of packing.

Arnold is one of the six space crews who are on a Space Station’s current expedition. More NASA astronauts will be joining him. Astronaut Norishige Kanai of the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency will be one of them.