The Space Coast can anticipate more of the gigantic Falcon Heavy launches from Kennedy Space Center this 2018 according to the CEO and president of SpaceX at a dinner event last Thursday. 

According to the Gwynne Shotwell, they have a big year in front of them. She also added that they’d got a couple of huger fly that will be very thrilling. 

The first of those launches of Falcon Heavy from pad 39A is anticipated this summer if the 27-engine, three rocket will take an Air Force mission to orbit along with NASA science spacecraft riding as a secondary payload. On top of that, the second mission will take the Arabsat-6A communication satellite of Saudi Arabia that was constructed in Colorado, to orbit in late this 2018.

The company has not remarked on booster recovery information surrounding such missions and if Cape Canaveral or drone ship landings will be included. SpaceX could also opt to expend at least one of the boosters, as well. 

On the workhorse vehicle of SpaceX, Shotwell claimed that the company has lots of Falcon 9s to fly and more refights to perform. He talks about the launching of previously flown versions of the booster.

Earlier next month, the company is also considering to debut the Block 5 version of its Falcon 9 rocket that is made for enhanced reusability. The mission will use the first geostationary satellite of Bangladesh, labeled as the Bangabandhu-1 to orbit from the pad 39A of KSC. 

The amazing thing about Falcon Heavy is that it opens up an innovative class of payload. It can launch one more than twice as much payload compared to other rocket, so it is up to customers what they may wish to launch. However, it can also launch stuff straight to Pluto and beyond. 

SpaceX prefers to fly humans in the Dragon spacecraft aside of Falcon 9, and the firm had planned initially to perform the same along with Falcon Heavy. One of the missions of the company is to use Falcon Heavy to deliver two paying tourists in the Moon later this year. The company had its sight on utilizing the spacecraft to bring astronauts on the same journeys. 

SpaceX has tons of ambitious goals for the next several years. The firm considers to raise the pace of its rocket launches that is already over one per month; begin flying humans around the moon and to the ISS, and complete developing and testing the BFR.