The launching of the TESS satellite marks a new beginning of searching for new planets in the solar system. It gives people here on Earth the chance to see the things that are happening on the planet. The company, SpaceX, and NASA are teaming up to make this plan a success. 

However, according to the space reporter, Loren Grush, the company would have to wait until 2019 to set out its plans. There should be enough preparation for this and take satellites, and cargo vessels take time. The plan last 2017 didn’t work, but it hopes to launch people in the coming years. 

For her, the plan requires some changes. A person is the head of every mission. There is a person above that person. So, changing the plans is a must for the plans to work. NASA achieves its goals in this manner, and so it is sure to achieve success in its goals. 

The reported also said the plans of the rival of Blue Origin, the rival of SpaceX in launching people in space. The plan is to have people inside orbital vehicles and go to space for around four minutes. Then, the capsule would break apart, and the people would return to earth. The plan costs thousands of dollars for it to work. 

One of the first concerns of SpaceX in bringing back the people on the planet is safe. People wouldn’t last for hours or days in space without the requirement of special tools. It needs time and preparation, but the idea is good. The landing back of the capsules on Earth is hot and fast. So, there is a teardrop effect in each of the capsules. 

People inside bigger capsules tend to create a bigger area. However, there is no chance of landing very fast. It is due to the time of landing and the size of the capsule. The coming years serves as a turning point in success in the plans. 

Many people are eager to see the big changes it would affect their lives. As of the moment, there is no rush as plans are in the process and people are working out ways to make this happen. The future of space is happening for those who are willing to take the risk of going to space and making a difference. Time tells when other plans surface in the space industry.