Bangabandhu-1 which is the first communication satellite of Bangladesh was launched to space on 11 May this year. It was started with the help of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. This rocket is said to be updated and improved. The rocket took off from the Kennedy Space Center located in Florida. Bangabandhu-1 was launched and placed on the orbit of Earth. It reached the orbit at about 33 minutes after it was launched from Kennedy. The Falcon 9 rocket got renewed and upgraded to get better and much higher power. It got equipped with about 100 new upgrades, and it has a very news Block-5 booster. This rocket after landing Bangabandhu-1 returned to a floating vessel platform on the Pacific Ocean. This rocket is also said that it can be reused about ten times. Newly designed Falcon 9 can be used to launch spacecraft at a much lower cost, and this is regarded to be of great importance to the business model of SpaceX company.   

SpaceX‘s owner is Elon Musk, and he has stated that primary objective of SpaceX is to enhance the reusability of the rockets. The billionaire has all noted that the goal of the company is to send humans to the red planet easily and hence improving rocket flying to space. SpaceX has landed a total of 24 boosters, and all of them have also returned to the Earth. 11 of them have been flown too. This year, the launch of Bangabandhu-1 thus Friday has marked the 9th launch.  

Bangabandhu-1 which is considered to be the first communication satellite of Bangladesh got placed on the orbit of the earth at 2.17 a.m. IST. This got media coverage as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh; Sheikh Hasina talked about such a significant achievement in the country’s capital, Dhaka. She stated that launching their first communication satellite is like hoisting the national flag of Bangladesh in space.  

SpaceX which is California based is said to have achieved a milestone with the launch of its Block-5 rocket. The Falcon 9 is considered to be the very first spacecraft of the California based company of SpaceX, to satisfy the standard of the Commercial Crew Program of NASA which is said to carry astronauts into the International Space Station. SpaceX is one of the companies hired by NASA to send astronauts to the outer space as soon SpaceX will be creating a big vehicle which will be able to carry out NASA’s big space missions.