An aerospace company named XCOR Aerospace went bankrupt in the year 2017. This company had great plans for space tourism. These plans which are considered really ambit included flying tourists to space with the help of Lynx suborbital vehicle which is fully functional and reusable.

However, after the bankruptcy incident, it is known that the company will use its assets to give a proper and real experience of space and rocket technology to the college and high school students. XCOR’s creditor includes the agency named Space Florida. The asset was purchased by another nonprofit agency named Build A Plane. This organization bought the assets for about $1.1 million.

The founder of this non-profit organization named Lyn Freeman put forward a statement about implementing the assets in a new and innovative school which they will build in California. The main purpose of this was to impart a momentous and stupendous knowledge to the high school and college students regarding aerospace. They could also learn about rocketry as this school will be made in such a way so that a properly functioning aerospace company gets to be co-located with it. All the functions of the aerospace company will be done in the 20,000 square feet area of the school.

Sage Cheshire Aerospace is this project’s partner. This company is based on fabrication and has built the significant Red Bull Stratos capsule. In fact, this is Build A Plane’s first important cooperation with an aerospace company. The search for a big property to build a school and a co-located aerospace company has been going on since long. “Build A Plane” has made various contributions to schools by donating 300 aircraft to the students.

“Build A Plane” has fabricated other various kinds of aircraft tools, and presently it is involved in crafting some ingenious creations. For instance, it is working on an 18-foot tall rocket which can reach to an altitude 30,000 feet. It has even planned to distribute the same to different schools.

However, this organization after buying all the assets of XCOR was confused about what to do with them. XCOR’s hanger was also stuffed with various equipment, parts, and supplies. Their building projects at Space Post and Mojave Air included unfinished Lynx and also included the entire model of a space plane which consisted of two seats and was made out of fiberglass.

The project of Build A Plane is a gigantic one as the assets are itself large in amount. Although not all the assets have any significance, however, everything found in the XCOR’s assets has been looked properly and even photographed for the purpose of using it for the betterment of young, keen students.