Blue Origin is an American aerospace company. It is also an aerospace manufacturer and provides spaceflight services. It has its headquarter in Washington. It was founded in the year 2000 by Jeff Bezos and is the first company to launch a reusable rocket.

Space tourism is a new form of tourism. By this, people and tourists can visit outer space. Blue origin manufactures such spaceflight for the purpose of space tourism. New Shepard is a rocket manufactured and launched by Blue Origin. This rocket is designed in such a way that people can easily travel to outer space without any difficulty and discrepancy.

The rocket capsule is mammoth in size, comprising of really husky observation windows. It has a total of six such observation windows. Blue origin has acknowledged this to be their largest ever constructed windows for spacecraft.

New Shepard was launched first in the year 2015 and is considered to be the first reusable rocket that made a successful soft landing on the ground. It is also completely reusable and has made seven test launches since the month of April of this very year i.e. 2018.

Description of New Shepard –

The height of the rocket – 18 meters (60 feet)

Altitude – 307,000 feet approximately

Crew or passenger capacity – 6 people

The volume of spacecraft – 530 cubic feet

Stages of Rocket – 1 (liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen)

The proper function and commutation by this craft will not commence before late 2018. The flight path has also been released from the Blue Origin Company. Before the cut off of the main engine, the rocket will be launched vertically.

The flight will last for a total of 11 minutes and within those minutes, the crew members or the passengers of the rocket will be weightless for about a total of 4 minutes. The interior of the rocket capsule is big enough for six people to float around and the view of the curves of the earth through the big windows.

Blue Origin received a total of $3.7 million from NASA in order to launch such spacecraft. The New Shepard 1 made a safe touch down and was successfully done so in the year 2015. New Shepard 2 was launched on November 23rd in the year 2015. The capsule made a successful landing and also reused a booster. The latest rocket capsule launched was New Shepard 3 which was deployed in the year 2017. It used a booster and a mannequin named Skywalker which was considered to be successful.