It is estimated that the minerals that are found in the belt of asteroids between the mars and Jupiter do contain mineral wealth that is estimated to be at about $100 billion for every individual on earth. Technology has been progressing that is making it possible for landing on asteroids an increasing likelihood. There have been insufficient legal clear guidelines about the ownership of the space wealth that has complicated the exploration of the resources. The trips to space have increased with exploration becoming very common. Space tourism is another thing that is being explored to see how possible it is to make it a reality. However, none of the above can be compared to Space mining that has gained a lot of focus in the recent times. It is one of the best ideas that could be achieved shortly. This has created s fresh civilization and proceeds on another planet. According to two CEO’S, Tesla Chief executive officer Elon Musk’s SpaceX, Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin has a goal to enable space tourism to be able to happen very soon. This will make it real for the human beings to live in other planets besides Earth.

The technology that has been created has made it possible for landing on an asteroid to seem very possible. Lets us look at the example, Take SpaceX. The propelling of Falcon Heavy shuttle and the possible return of two boosters may enable it to carry heavy payloads into space, and this will reduce the cost of the launches. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and others have suggested that the world’s debut trillionaire will enable his or her wealth in the space minerals. NASA has said that the minerals that are found in between Mars and Jupiter do have wealth that is equivalent to more than $100 billion each person on Earth. The gaps and loopholes in the law about the ownership of these resources has made it complex to continue its exploration. The most well clear and well-written law is the United Nations. The sponsored law dubbed ‘Outer Space Treaty of 1967’. Despite this law, there is still confusion among very many counties that have made exploration quite hard. Rebecca Keller, who is a very senior science and technology analyst has said that if it comes to the usage of the space wealth, the area is very vague and can be misinterpreted.