An earlier decision to form a different Space Corps by way of a separate military department has been put on hold due to an independent study which is on its way. At the same time, another rule is coming up to augment the space forces further and give it more autonomy than the current scenario under the US Force.

The Strategic Forces Subcommittee in its initial mark up of the Fiscal year as framed by the House Armed Services Committee has given the direction for establishing “subordinate unified command for space.” As per the US strategic department, this command will be involved in joint space warfighting operations. The chairman of the subcommittee Mr. Mike Rogers said that a sub-unified command for space would normalize the situation of mutual space warfighting across various segments.

This provision is similar to the arrangement that was introduced last year in the NDAA but after that removed at the previous moment of discussion. Mr. Todd Harrison has said that he was not at all surprised to see this clause inserted again in the current year. He is the director of the Aerospace Security project which is located at the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Harrison further told the media that the US Command which is established as a sub-unified command would further enhance the space operations which will be at par with the Cyber Command. This is precisely what the HASC has been trying to highlight.

Ex-Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space policy, Mr. Doug Loverro has addressed the lawmakers stating that this decision has to be further reviewed and a lot of work still needs to be done for the implementation of this enactment. Loverro also added that the planning of creating a sub-unified command was lingering for a long time, but the debate was put aside last year by the Space Corps language. He has considered this move as a positive one for initiating space warfighting.

The initiation of the space warfighting was the reason because of which Gen. Jay Raymond who was the commander of the Air Force Space Command last year was further appointed as the “Joint Force Space Component Commander” under the US Strategic Command. Gen. John Hyten, however, led the entire team. Raymond will be required to train, organize, and equip Air Force space forces in tandem.