One of the biggest strength of the Soviet Space Program is Soyuz. It is literally a series of spacecraft designed and fabricated for the Soviet Space Program and was started in the year 1960. Since then, around 1700 flights have taken place and the fact is it’s one of the highly successful spacecraft series programs the world has ever witnessed in the last decades.

One of the shocking news for the Soviet Space Program is the hint of Russia to drop its name from the launch business. Of course, Russia is a prime contributor to the same and most of the missions ever started/accomplished in this program are due to an extensive support of Russia.

No reason has been justified so far about why Russia is planning to drop its name. If a few experts are to be believed, this is to save money as Russian Government has plans to leave the business to private operators.

The fact couldn’t be denied that space launches are becoming possible at the present time due to a wide engagement and support of a relative community of different space research organizations and agencies. TASS which is the official news agency of Russia has recently carried a report which suggests that Russia might be focusing on the launch vehicles that can provide business to the inland companies.

The report suggests this has been decided to keep in view the price list of the SpaceX for a falcon trip which is around $62 to $90 million. Of course, this is a cost and the Government really doesn’t want to outsource such an amount

In a significant TASS report, it has been mentioned that the Deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin is carefully monitoring the situation. Russia is paying a lot of attention to the Indian Space Research Programs and seems to be inspired by the low-cost mars missions launched by the ISRO in last two years.

In the report, it has been mentioned that tensions are booming between USA and Russia and it is obvious that SpaceX would not be interested in sending business to Moscow in the coming years. Also, Russia has all the technology available with it to consider the launch itself or they may look for another partner such as India to impose a strict upper limit on the launch cost