Once again nature proved that humans still need to act the way nature wants them to! The disturbing windy pattern in a weather delayed the planned effort of a Singaporean pilot who wished to travel to the edge of space.

Yip Chuang Syn who is a pilot with the Republic of Singapore Air Force was planning to travel t the edge of space. He is into a flying job for the past twenty plus years. He was all ready to pass through altitudes that exceed his experience. In fact, Yip Chuang Syn wanted to go to a space point which has not yet been traveled o touched by any Singaporean yet. But unfortunately, the plan got delayed because of unsuitable weather conditions of flying. Patsy Ong, the deputy campaign director of the project, said that Syn had to postpone his plans as the weather was observed not-so-suitable. 

Mr. Yip Chuang Syn told a channel that he had been dreaming of going to space for years. He also said that his recent plan was not exactly like going into space, but it was still closer to that. He further added that he was planning to achieve something which has not yet been achieved by any Singaporean. He had even arrived at Alice Springs so that he could do the final preparations for his big dream a well as mission.  Ms Ong stated that Mr. Syn had done complete rehearsal and practice for his purpose. He had done the full dress rehearsal and had also gone through a practice test inside the capsule. The test consisted of two hours. 

The expected flight could not take off and be canceled a day before the planned take-off date. Ms Ong stated that most of the associated team members of the project could not see the hurdle as they wanted to achieve a mission and so were concentrate solely on it. The whole team was ready to start the mission and had done all technical preparations well, but the weather destroyed the entire plan. It w stated by the team that the weather was observed to be very windy which was unsuitable for sending a human into space. The strong wind, as well as the occurrence of jetstreams, made it impossible to accomplish the mission. According to Ms Ong, the amount of risk involved in the whole purpose was high due to the unexpected weather patterns.