The search for alien civilization in the broader space had begun from the year 1992 when the radio telescopes in California as well as Puerto Rico both started observing the night sky to get appropriate signals. However, this search got over within a year. This was declared over by the Senator of Nevada named Richard Bryan. The project of SETI that is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence was wiped out by the senator. Even though Congress approved the NASA to fund a bill but there was no mention about SETI in it. The most significant researchers of SETI are said to continue their research for an alien civilization. But these researchers will not be funded by NASA as the budget will not be suitable for NASA. However, this has changed over the years as according to the new legislation which was proposed by the House of Representatives, NASA is said to spend a total of $10 million on such radio transmissions.  

The primary target of such a mission of SETI included the finding of the communication signals with narrow radio frequencies. In the year 1971, NASA put forward various ways to detect such signs, and they even planned to construct an array of 1000 radio telescopes. Democratic Senator named Bill Proxmire thought that this idea was useless. The CO-founder of Microsoft named Paul Allen donated a total of $30 million for building the Allen Telescope Array which was set in California. Some of the exploration targets named Europa and Enceladus is said to detect the presence of small microorganisms in the solar system.  

Searching for alien civilization after almost 25 years and hence lifting the taboo from the concept of SETI has the uplift from a Congressman. Lamar Smith who is a well-known Republican congressman hails from Texas. He has said to work with the Institute of SETI. He supports astronomical researchers like these.  

Due to the developing technologies and the instruments used for space missions, many things can be known about the outer space like the presence of about a total of 3725 exoplanets. Even knowing about the surface and the environmental conditions of the plants have been made easier with improved technology. NASA launched a spacecraft named Kepler almost a decade ago, and this has helped in making significant discoveries regarding the solar system and the exoplanets. It discovered Even the presence of rocks on those planets.