Point Nemo is considered as the place wherein more than 260 spacecraft go to rest in a watery grave in a place in the Pacific Ocean. Way back in 1957, when the Sputnik 1 was launched, various thousand humanmade devices have been sent into the orbit of the Earth.

A return trip was not real for many of them. Abandoned rockets, broken satellites, as well as various bits of mission-related garbage, are rattling around our planet at high speeds. Some objects are approximately traveling at the speed of 16,777 miles per hour which is equivalent to 27,000 kilometers per hour. Collisions occur and generate more debris in space. 

With this situation, there will be a serious problem regarding the worlds dependent on telecommunications and more importantly its GPS signals. There is more than one active satellite that is destroyed and generates space debris. Experts said that they haven’t come up with a perfect solution yet, but there are many alternatives to remove some of these orbiting bodies and outlived its usefulness. 

Space agencies are now instructing old satellites and decommissioned vessels to crash-land in a remote part of the South Pacific. The latter area is popularly known as the “spacecraft cemetery.” It incorporates a geographic place of interest called Point Nemo which is a Latin word means “nobody.”  It is the furthest you can get from the dry land without leaving the Earth. It is approximately 2,500 miles (4,023 kilometers) east of New Zealand and was the closest landmasses include the islands of Moto Nui, Ducie, and Maher. 

As a doomed and damaged spacecraft was sent there, the chances of hitting or injuring a person will be slim. To sum it up, the Point Nemo is the best solution to avoid possible problems in the space. Point Nemo is the safest way so that spacecraft will not bring any damage or trouble in space. This help to improve the communication of several countries especially on its GPS signals. 

The said cemetery spacecraft has received its first decommissioned spacecraft way back in 1971. Meanwhile, getting a spacecraft to land highly requires a lot of precise calculations and skills. With this, the space agencies are required to maintain contact with their specific vessels to send up their guidance instructions. Thus, if the degree control was gone, the craft may be wind up anywhere.