If you are a space news lover, you must be positively remembering the Orion spacecraft of NASA that was launched in the year 2014. The spacecraft delighted everyone with its successful trial flight. Now NASA is making Orion spacecraft ready again to fly into space. The spacecraft has to go through few specific tests to get approval for flying.

With the new plan, strategies, and techniques associated with the second launch of Orion Spacecraft, NASA has planned to make it bigger than before this time. This time the spacecraft design is intended to be better and more extensive so that more astronauts can fit into this bigger capsule. The chief objective of NASA’s Orion spacecraft is to take humans deeper into space and return them safely to our planet Earth. It has also been planned by NASA that a model of the Orion spacecraft will be launched from its rocket in just fifty-five seconds after the takeoff. This particular model launch test will help investigate and understand the launch abort system of the spacecraft. It is being expected that once this model launch test for abort system happens successfully, the Orion spacecraft will be launched into the lunar orbit. The very first configuration of Orion’s launch system will be significantly tall and will be portraying a height of 322 feet. This specific step of launching a model is accompanied with the intention of letting the spacecraft stay into the lunar orbit for more than seven days. It will also involve a trial cruise. The first Space Launch System flight of Orion is expected in the later period of the year 2019. This flight has been named as Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1). It aims at taking the rocket ship ahead of the moon and returns it to our home planet. Once this SLS flight launch takes place successfully, NASA will be assured to send humans into deep space.

The launch of Orion spacecraft which is scheduled shortly during the year 2022 plans to take 2 to 4 astronauts with it. It has also been confirmed by NASA that Orion spacecraft, when filled with fuel, will show a weight of about 5.75 million pounds.

The thrill of sending humans deeper into space continues with the fact that such thing happened long ago in the year 1972. The astronauts, NASA members and millions of space exploration lovers are waiting for this much-awaited launch of Orion spacecraft.