The startup company by the name of OneWeb was set to make its debut launch in May by landing 10 total satellites with the help of the Arianespace Soyuz Rocket. However, to intensify the improvement of the various components of the spacecraft, the launch date was postponed to the end of this month.

This will allow astronauts and researchers to commence tests for a longer period. The news of postponing the launch was put forward by Greg Wyler who is the founder of OneWeb. More testing will allow them to make a proper and successful launch of these satellites.

OneWeb is making almost 900 satellites under the partnership with Airbus. The components of the satellites needed revision and hence, for this reason, the launch was postponed. The momentous goal of OneWeb is to make the Internet available to everyone living on the Earth’s surface by the year 2027. Hence, it’s goal is to create a constellation of tiny telecoms satellite and it has got various investors like SoftBank, Coca-Cola, and Intelsat etc.

To fulfill their goals, OneWeb had to ask for the expansion of the authorization of the US. Federal Communications Commission, from 720 Ku-band satellites to 1980 Ku-band satellites. It is said that if they start their launches from this year, they will be right on schedule for the fulfillment of their mission. The mission includes the launch of 10 satellites to the Earth’s orbit which is lower in the distance (1200 kilometers). Initially, it was planned to drop the satellite at 500 kilometers away from the earth’s orbit.

After the debut launch of its satellites, OneWeb is said to give a gap of 2 months before launching the other satellites to fulfill the mission. Within these months, there will be the launch of a Soyuz every 21 days and each Soyuz is said to carry a total of 36 satellites. Other contacts of OneWeb include having a partnership with Virgin Orbit for the mission of 39 Launcher One mission.

This also included a deal with the Blue Origin for their mission of launching five New Glenn which in turn will support the primary campaign named Arianespace. All these satellites weighed about 145 kilograms and the performances are also identical to the satellites designed for O3b Networks.

The launch of the satellites is said to improve in performance a lot over the years.