Two of the most historical event happened this week for the future of the American space exploration. A former navy combat pilot was confirmed to be the new head of the NASA. Jim Bridenstine is confident to lead the space exploration as the agency begins its new era of technological, limitless and advancement exploration. 

Mike Pence, the Vice President, also laid out the vision of America’s future space exploration during the inauguration at the Space Foundation’s 34th Annual Space Symposium. Mike Pence also showed to everyone the commitment of the Trump’s administration in restoring the leadership in American space exploration. According to Pence, it will be a major turning point that will bring new challenges and opportunities to Americans. 

The planned interest in space exploration has the potential to change the space program over the next years to come. To achieve all the goals, the agency should set the goals and think big. It was also expected that by the end of 2024, a huge American spacecraft should be on the way to explore the planet Mars. By the year 2024, America will be building a working base on the moon which will produce fuel from ice. 

The plans of the United States to assemble most of its enormous structures, industries, and tourism in space is the key to the country’s economic superiority over other countries for decades. The visions of the United States to restore and improve their space exploration will allow the country to have the presence anywhere in the world. It was then expected that if the Trump’s administration pushes the space exploration restoration, the SpaceX Falcon Heavy could be possibly flying more than 100 launches through 2024. 

The Falcon Heavy will soon carry humans and could add additional flights between 2020 and 2024. It is also stated by the Vice President during the symposium about the role of every American in focusing the energy and resources in leading the human race into space within the rule of law and the framework of freedom. The courage to dream big is what determines people to work hard. It is also the confidence that pushed farther to meet the visions of the future of America. By the year 2024, America’s space exploration will continue to boom and America will continue to lead the world in the next centuries to come.