New Worlds Are Set for Discovery by New Satellite 

The discovery of new worlds is going to be easy. The new satellite from NASA makes this happen as it is on course in the discovery of new Earth-like planets. The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite of the TESS has its first launch from the country of Florida. Zach Berta Thompson, the CU Boulder Assistant, was present during the launch. 

According to her, the launch is an incredible but a terrifying one. TESS is soon to make its orbit on earth is going to be successful in the discovery of new planets. Many scientists believe that the satellite has the capability of finding or locating thousands of exoplanets in the solar system. From here, the astronomers have the idea of the atmosphere or the structure of the thousands of planets. It could also end the question of the scientists about the condition or the state of the exoplanets. 

TESS would be a big help in making a big study of the exoplanets. It covers the many centuries the planets exist and the other information that is part of the planets. It would include if the planet has a rocky land similar to Earth or an Ice land territory the same as Neptune. The result of these studies is an excellent study of each of the planets. 

The TESS is not only the successor of the Kepler spacecraft of NASA. However, It not only acts as a successor for the past mission but is here to find and of observe the closer planets. It would be much easier if the astronomers observe the planets at a close range because they can easily monitor its condition. 

Berta Thompson started his work with TESS back in 2013. Since then, the work turns to a milestone as the satellite is ready for its first mission in finding more planets. He hopes the planets would be the same size as planet Earth and has all the similar properties of the Earth. 

The mission is ready to reach full scale as the work of TESS begins. From here, the astronomers are expecting a brighter side regarding their studies of other planets. The TESS spacecraft not only gives a closer look at the possibilities of finding other planets but also the chance of making a big difference in the world. Astronomer and future researchers would benefit most important because of the fascinating discovery this would result in the coming years. 

The world is ready to meet and know more about the other planets. That is a guarantee.