Yesterday inside the Town Hall, NASA’s newly elected chief administrator, Jim Bridenstine, viewed that he know the fact very well that the climatic condition of Earth is changing and humans have been contributing to it hugely. In fact, he has supported his statement from some reports that have been published by the researchers of NASA. The announcement has raised many questions about his ability to lead an institution such as NASA which is mainly based on facts and figures and scientific data.

In the year of 2013, Bridenstine was an Oklahoma congressman, who claimed that there was no such climatic drift during that period. Recently in a NASA administrator confirmation hearing, he has clearly stated that it is due to human activities that Earth’s climatic condition is changing so rapidly. But he had stopped claiming the fact that humans are behind such climatic condition. But in the NASA town hall, he again re-confirmed the fact that how his statement is proving to be right in all situations. He further said that we, the humans, are putting in a lot of carbon-dioxide into the atmosphere which is, in turn, turning on the heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and warming the planet to a significant effect. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas and affecting the environment negatively.

He further added saying that being a scientific institution NASA has to be much more proactive in these situations. Since NASA has some of the renowned scientists and researchers who have immense experience in this field and they know how to put a check on these activities. Thus NASA has to be much more vigilant and alert for curbing the emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As such NASA and the administration needs to come up with strict rules and regulations which should apply to both humans and different commercial industries to be adhered to.

However, experts feel that the statement made by NASA chief is in contrast to what the current presidential administration is doing. To substantiate the fact, experts have said that the administration has stopped five of the Earth and climatic missions. Moreover, the Trump administration has pulled away from the US from the Worldwide Paris Agreement which was held to limit the climatic change.

When asked about such curbing of the critical missions, the chief responded saying that all such task will be started in the year of 2019 after the Congress funds them.