The army would soon have its share in winning wars. The Nano-satellites are the answer to reaching greater feats in space and on land. The US army is sure to open the program that would be a big benefit for the Army. According to Lt. Gen. Jim Dickinson, the head of the Missile and Defence Command of the Army Space, the satellite has a few top things in combating the enemies that are going to space. 

It serves as a way of making the space safe from people who mean harm and distraction. The space signals of the US army take this as a great opportunity in making strong defenses and enlarging their scope of surveillance against these threats. An excellent way of performing communication is going to start once the satellites are into orbit. 

The explanation for the plan was on the 34th Annual Space Symposium at Colorado Springs. 

The coverage of the army regarding brigades amount to only 3,000. However, the new technology for the army gives the soldiers a boost regarding the upgrading of its performance. It is possible due to the function of the satellites in space. Most of the problems the soldiers are facing on the ground are a result of the interference in space. 

Hence, the satellites them the assurance of a more fast and easy approach to warfare they are part. The lessons from the past Wars such as World War and two serve as a turning point to a greater urge to consider space. The soldiers have the right training, but a few additional trainings are the right things to do. Here, the US soldiers have the chance of taking down enemies and winning the war. 

There would be new satellites, and the US Army is developing it. It aims to repair the damage from the past big satellites. It adds to the army’s way of having a good job in performing its tasks of defending the country. There are new studies and these yields to a wide approach in winning wars and preventing any enemy to make any interference. 

One of the advantages of the large satellites is the ability it has in orbiting space in a few days or weeks. It offers the US Army more time in monitoring and studying any harmful information the enemies are saying or giving while in the middle of a war. These satellites serve as a bright and future weapon for the Army.