In breaking news, NASA has put a stop to the Moon Rover Mission. This decision has come as a surprise months after president Trump signed an agreement and thereby ordered NASA to return the astronauts to the Moon. Mr. Clive Neil who is a planetary scientist at the University is Note Dame, and the emeritus chairman of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group has said that all the members of the Resource Prospector mission were asked to end the project by the end of May.

In fact, Neil is also shocked to listen to this decision. Although he is not directly involved with the project, he could find out the reason for such cancellation. However, the officials from NASA refused to comment on this matter. But NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine, yet, elaborated on the fact saying that NASA will always be committed to the Lunar Mission. He has further stated that Resource prospector instruments will still move forward for the lunar surface program. He expects for more commercial partners, more science, more exploration, etc.

The Resource Prospector Mission was in the concept formulation stage for proper launching in the 2020s. It was in the process of searching for volatile components such as oxygen, hydrogen and naturally water. All these elements are highly essential for future human explorations. Resource Prospector was the first project for sending crewed missions beyond the Earth. This cancellation is believed to trouble a lot of lunar scientists. Many scientists have viewed that this mission was extremely crucial for both the process of human exploration as well as for the scientific understanding of the moon.

However, in a letter which is addressed to the newly appointed NASA administrator, the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group has asked him to reverse the decision and schedule the launching of the mission within 2022. The group has protested against this decision and viewed hat this decision will go against national security and proper space exploration. In support of their protest, the members showed the letter of President Trump containing the Space Policy Directive 1, which was signed in the month of December. In such policy, Trump had stated that the USA would lead the project of sending humans back to Moon for long-term exploration and utilization at the same time.

Dana Hurley said that if they want to set up research centers on the Moon to study its activity, then it will require all the support from the government.