Landing on the red planet, Mars has been done by NASA almost six years back. Presently, a robotic geologist is in the making as it will be sent to Mars for getting deeper information about the planet. A spacecraft named Mars InSight is said to take the pause of the planet and also take measurements of the marsquakes.

This spacecraft is said to make a launch in this very weekend of the May month. The reflexes of the planet will also be observed by tracking the rotation of Mars on its axis. As stated by Bruce Banerdt, the chief scientist of this mission has stated that by launching a robotic geologist on the surface of Mars, it will be easier for scientists to dig deeper into the planet.

This mission is a US and European Space mission with an investment of $1 billion. This is considered to be the first one of its kind to have an objective if studying about the Mars Planet. Even understand the origin of this red planet which was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, can be known by this mission. There are big differences between the Earth and Mars. The former is much more active which moving plate tectonics all the time whereas the latter is not at all geologically active.

The briefcase-sized satellites are also said to be launched by the InSight which is part of the mission. The CubeSats of Mars are nicknamed WALL-E and EVE. However, landing on the Mars is hard where the success rate is considered to be only 40 percent by NASA. American is considered to be the only successful lander on the surface of Mars. They also successfully operated spacecraft on Mars. Only 7 min will be taken by NASA’s spacecraft to launch on the Mars. This mission is part of the Apollo program of NASA. The previous missions made to Mars put forward observations regarding the surface and the rocks found on Mars. The existing magnetic field is to be inspected by the recent mission to Mars.

Not only the surface but the focus is on what’s on the surface of the planet Mars. As estimated by scientists almost two years will be taken in order to complete missions and also know more about the planet Mars. Hence this mission is considered to be very impressive and important as it will help scientists and astronauts break the mystery surrounding the planet Mars