NASA has a lot of stories to tell. The organization is primarily focusing its mission on the expansion of the rest of the galaxy. While NASA focused their time in exploring the space and other planets, one of their female scientists has an opinion about the best and worst movies in space around. 

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration has a lot to say about the different films about space and space missions. While most of these movies do their best to offer an amazing tale about the exploration in outer space, few of them make it to the list of the best space movies of all time. The NASA scientist also chimed in with some of the right options and giving people with a sense of both the worst and the best space movies. 

Planet of the Apes (2001)

The film Planet of the Apes in the year 2001 has received some criticism about it being unrealistic since it focuses on a planet ruled by apes. The film showed the planet of the apes which is not a reality. The movie is quite bad, according to Gioia Massa, the manager of NASA’s Veggie Lab. While most of the viewers didn’t know about the perfect accuracy of the movie, this missteps and rubbed NASA scientists in the wrong path. 

Gravity (2013)

NASA believes that this movie should be one of the bottom spots of the worst and the best space movies. The way the space industry is depicted is what makes them disapprove. According to NASA, the scenarios shown in the movie is quite far from the accurate one. The science shown in gravity is sensationalized. 

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)

The movie is one of the top spots of the best and worst movie in space because this movie inspired the scientists of NASA to make their initiative of getting into the industry. While the technology shown in the movie is not that accurate, the one that sets the movie is its cultural relevance, and it convinces most of the top minds in putting their talents in reaching the outer space. 

The Martian (2015)

The top spot on the NASA’s list of the best and worst space movies goes to The Martian. The core reason why this movie has made it to the top of the list is the relatability of the movie to the many scientists about the feeling of how hard it is to thrive alone in space. The trip to Mars is an ambitious goal, and the film shows the struggle in bringing a man to Mars. This movie certainly deserves the top spot.