In his very first official speech as a NASA chief, Jim Bridenstine has supported the space agency’s decision first to make all the arrangement s to reach out to Moon and after that make plans to land on the Red Planet. However, in his webcast speech which he delivered at the Humans to Mars summit which was held in Washington D.C. on May 9, did not reveal any new plans from the Space Agency to send humans to the Red Planet.

Bridenstine was the former Republican Congressman from the state of Oklahoma. He was appointed as the chief of NASA three weeks ago after NASA went leaderless for 15 months. At that time NASA was under an interim leadership whereby the Trump government asked NASA to pave ways to start preparation sot go the moon before they start their voyage for Mars.

Bridenstine addressed the delegates saying the mission of moon and Mars will go hand in hand. However, in March, he had been told that the agency had sent a letter to the US industry asking for information in respect of improving ways of lunar payload transportation to the orbit as well as to the moon in tandem with the human landers.

He further added that both the missions will move forward simultaneously and that the return to the surface of the moon will initiate more advanced development of technologies and as a result, such technological advancement will pave the way for reaching out to the Mars. Instances of such technological advances will involve surface mobility, extended duration life support, surface habitation and finally precision landing.

According to the NASA chief, the success of the space exploration process will involve encouraging the commercial space companies to invest further in the process of space exploration. The companies will be given further incentives to move beyond the earth’s orbit and participate more also in the process of in-depth space exploration. He tries to find the similarity of the current scenario of space with the time of the 1800s when America’s West was a frontier and it proved to be very tough for the country to take advantage of the situation economically.

NASA’s launch of the InSight Lander is a valid proof of the fact that the Space Agency is slowing trying to the pave the way for its journey to the Mars. The chief emphasized on the fact that it was a government mission and built up by a private player. This shows that the government is keen to smoothen out the process hand in hand with the commercial partners.