Since it is the Teacher Appreciation Week, NASA is all set to thank teachers and young budding students and inspiring them to take on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) within their curriculum. To honor the teachers who have played a significant role in nurturing the budding students so that they can have the potential to change the world one day, NASA has released a very inspiring video to honor this prestigious profession. In this video, teacher-turned-astronaut Mr. Ricky Arnold has said some vital points about teachers and the importance of STEM.

Arnold has said in the video, that the first teacher who went to space was NASA astronaut Christa McAuliffe. She eventually died in the Challenger shuttle disaster. Such personality of her inspired Arnold to become a teacher. Such a tragic event encouraged Mr. Arnold to pursue teaching as a profession. As Arnold took some bold steps in turning himself into an astronaut from a teacher, NASA was also inspired and made great strides forward in this aspect.

In today’s world, astronauts who are present in the International Space Station are deploying unique ways of imparting knowledge to the other participants. They are also employing different unique techniques concerning the subject of space exploration. These astronauts are believed to be playing a pivotal role by participating in a NASA initiated dubbed STEMonstrations. In such an event the NASA astronauts from the space will be delivering useful video lessons, will be spending time in sharing experiences regarding demonstrating scientific concepts in microgravity, for instance how potential energy can be turned into kinetic power and so on. They will also be imparting lessons on Newton’s law of motion and more.

These videos are proving to be very much useful both for the teachers present in ISS and also for the young and budding students who are enthusiastic enough to listen to their teachers and learn and study meticulously. The visual examples that the astronauts impart through the movement of their bodies, help the student to get a broader idea about the science as well as the technology that is being deployed in the space environment. It helps the students to get a better grip on the STEM concepts. Moreover, when the students see the astronauts flying around the spaceships, it gives that much of practical experience and the excitement to be more engrossed with this concept.