NASA scientists do go routine flying over different parts of the earth in a routine manner. This forms to be a part of their job to find out any unusual activity that takes places over the surface of the earth. Whenever such unusual activity is being noticed by them they try to investigate the cause of such happening and other reasons that might have caused them to occur. They after taking the required photographs and the necessary field data sit down for researching the fact and figures and thereafter come to the conclusion that what might have been the epicenter of such activity.

One of such activity took place recently in an unusual manner. In a recent routine movement over the Arctic Ocean at an early portion of this current month, one of the scientists in NASA came across some mysterious ice holes. These ice holes were created over the eastern portion of the Beaufort Sea. But unlike other unusual activity, this mystery is becoming hard for the scientists to solve. The scientists have revealed the fact that such holes which have appeared and the photographs that have been taken are very rare. In fact, they have said that this is the first time that they have come across such pictures. The scientists are really in a fix to find out what might have happened due to which these holes have been created.

Details of the holes

According to John Sonntag, who is looking after NASA’s Operation Ice Bridge Mission, had captured this picture and had reiterated the fact that he had never seen holes like this one. To trace the exact location of this situation, he said that the matter happened at a place which is 50 miles northwest of Canada’s Mackenzie River Delta. The main purpose of the journey was to observe sea ice, but the holes became the center of the attraction.

Nathan Kurtz, who is the colleague for John has said that the holes have been created at a place where the ice is thin, he is still pretty much unaware of the fat what dynamics have resulted for the creation of such holes.

Walt Meier, who is a scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Centre, gave some insights about this situation. He said that the circles which have been formed might have been due to water which has washed away over the snow. So the mystery remains unfolded.