The Mars rover Curiosity could be soon ready with its drilling activities. There was a mechanical problem which made the 7-foot long robotic arm out of its operations in the year of 2016. Since then the team members of the mission are behind the job of getting it ready all over again. After a severe struggle, it seems that they have success and the team members are planning to make a drill test in the later portion of this weekend.

At the NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory which is located in Pasadena in California, the engineers are very busy in executing a process called as the feed extended drilling by which the Curiosity is supposed to drill in such a way as a human being would do. Curiosity will be made capable enough so that it can dig through the hard rocks of the Red Planet. FED at the same time will allow it to use a hammering force as well as per the data revealed by the NASA officials. This hammering method was, in fact, the original process that was to be applied with the help of which Curiosity would have gone through the surface of Mars 2.5 inches deep

As per the latest findings curiosity is going to test the drilling technique on Saturday (May 19) as have been confirmed by the team members. The data that comes out from such test would further help the engineers to make necessary amendments to the drilling process over the next couple of months to get the rover finally ready. As per Steven Lee, based on the results of the test they can find out how much more force would be required to be applied while executing the drilling process.

In a separate effort, the Curiosity has been successful in climbing up 3.5 miles up of the mountain, Mount Sharp, since the year of September 2014. It has been studying the rocky nature to find out different clues regarding how and when the climate of the Red Planet changed long ago. Such findings are very crucial to find out whether life on Mars sustains or not.

In the last month, only the team members redirected Curiosity to go a bit downwards to a region that they wanted to survey. This inevitable change in the direction 0of the movement of the Curiosity will instill confidence among the engineers that it would be able to drill on the surface of the Red Planet in any direction that they want.