At a considerable distance, from where Earth appears to be nothing more than the blue dot, Galileo Spacecraft of NASA has spent eight years orbiting the Jupiter. At that time this particular satellite which is slightly larger than a full grown Giraffe used to transmit a lot of data relating to the gas giant’s moons. This also included the observation of a magnetic environment around Ganymede which was separate from Jupiter’s magnetic field. Although the mission ended in the year of 2003, the latest data obtained from the satellite is raising new concerns about the Planet, and it is quite distinguished from other planets that are present in the solar system. According to the Glyn Collinson, who is a lead author of a favorite newspaper said they the scientists are trying to recover latest data from this planet after almost 20 years. The scientists have further confirmed that there lies a whole new piece of which nobody is aware of.

The new results have shown the traces of a violent scene. The results have revealed that small particles have blasted off the moon’s icy surface due to plasma rain. The active flows of plasma have further pushed back Jupiter and Ganymede because of a high voltage magnetic event that occurred between magnetic environments of the two bodies. Scientists are pretty confident that this time around they will be successful in discovering why the moons of the Jupiter are so bright.

During the year of 1996, when Galileo reached Jupiter, it made a very astonishing discovery. It revealed that Ganymede had its magnetic field. Majority of the planets in our solar system including earth have magnetic environments which are known as magnetospheres. But no one believed that even a moon could have that.

It is very much known to us that Earth’s magnetosphere is very important to us. Apart from helping the compass to work, it helps a lot in sustaining life on the Earth. Some of the scientists are of the view that this magnetosphere has helped live to evolve on earth as it has helped to prevent humanity from the harmful radiation. If we go through the magnetosphere in detail, it will benefit not only help us to understand the different physical process that depends upon this magnetic attraction, but it also helps us to understand such magnetic field characteristics of other planets in our solar system as well as for rest of the universe.