In the time before Earth Day, an image of the Northern Hemisphere is ready for the world to see. The image depicts on the lower part of the Earth, and the North Pole, Eurasia, and North America are present. The spacecraft of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA is responsible for the taking of the amazing picture. It serves as clear proof of the beauty of Earth. 

Taking a close look at the picture offers sights of other countries. There are the Greenland, Bering Sea and many others. It an amazing picture to see as people have a clear view of the world in clear image. It also depicts the clouds that are part of the storm systems that happens each year. The wind is from east to west that gives people a close view of the things happening outside the earth. 

The satellite has a special instrument that is the VIIRS that gives the image a photographic depiction. The depiction states not only a closer look but an approach that is in detail and sees the Earth from a different angle. The V IIRS produces a true color result that states an image that is worthy of making space studies. 

The NOAA satellite takes this picture of the earth on a daily basis. It proves to give more light to the things surrounding the earth. The conditions of the Northern Hemisphere are also present due to the additional data and images from the satellite. It also has the capability of predicting the conditions of the weather. The sensor inside the satellite is truly a big help in making wonderful images possible to see each day. 

The satellite takes pictures and makes an orbit around the earth each day. In this procedure, the crucial point of determining the weather is open to the space experts and the astronomers. The task of the satellite is always as a success, and it gives the researchers more ideas of the other things they don’t know about earth or its surrounding orbit. 

Other images are open for the eyes of the astronomers and those who are interested to see it. In this way, the fascination towards planet earth would always exist. A large number of images also serve as a reference for the condition of the earth every day. There is more to know about this planet that images of it give people the ideas behind its state and condition.