Jeff Bezos and his company Blue Origin are all ready to initiate its first launch test for the year during this weekend. According to Jeff Bezos, his company will undergo another uncrewed flight among the New Shephard Suborbital Vehicle on April 29 (this Sunday). This launching will be done from the West Texas site. The owner has even confirmed the fact that the various activities which are involved in the launch preparations are on its way. Many scientists and other officials are putting in their 100 percent to make the launch process a grand success. This will be the 8’Th test flight for the New Shepherd and it will be a huge step forward for the purpose of human spaceflight. The company has even mentioned that they are targeting Sunday (April 29th) with the time of launch will be around 8:30 am CDT.

New Shepherd is considered to be rocket capsule combo that Blue Origin is trying to build up so that it will be possible for the company to transport passengers as well as the scientific experiments to the orbit and then return back. The capsules are believed to be to land with the help of the parachutes while at the same time the booster comes down to Earth for the purpose of a vertical touchdown. While coming down it uses its engine firings so as to reduce its speed of descent. This is pretty similar to what Falcon 9 of the SpaceX company does while orbiting.

As per the statement that was given by the billionaire of Blue Origin, New Shepherd already had seven test flights which it underwent prior to this test. Among them, the recent one which was executed was the debut flight of “Version 2”. The main feature of this test flight was that it had long windows. All these previous missions have been executed uncrewed. As per the view of the company officials if all the testing progress continues as per the schedule then New Shepherd will be able to take humans to the outer space this year itself.

The main objective of Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos extend far beyond than orbital space. The company is also making hard work for developing a new heavy-lift rocket that will position in the orbit and is known as New Glenn. The first flight of this rocket is scheduled in 2020. One of the long-term projects of the company includes a vehicle called New Armstrong.