In the year of 2011 and the month of March Kazuya Yoshida’s Lab at Tohoku University met with a severe mishap due to the massive earthquake that shook the ocean coast of the city of Sendai. The magnitude of the quake was nine resulting in the formation of tsunami waves that engulfed the entire region. Although the earthquake lasted for a few minutes, it was enough to create havoc in the area. As many as 16000 people were believed to be dead. The people who got spared had no water, no phones, and no power to live on. The region suddenly became a no man’s land and highly dangerous.

At that time inside the lab of Yoshida, a team was working and had just finished the work of putting together the very first prototype of the would-be lunar rover. It was almost ready for field testing. The rover was believed to be a high candidate for the $20 million for Google Lunar X Prize. It was made up of metallic beetle-y weighing around 22 pounds. But by Gods grace, this rover survived the pathetic natural calamity.

Surprisingly another Canadian intern also survived the disaster. He was also a former railway engineer who also worked at the Yoshida’s Lab. He was pretty sad about the rover. He knew that although the University would remain closed or might not open ever, he had to free his creation from the debris. Partnering with another of his colleague, he somehow managed to break free the obstacles and finally brought eh rover outside safely.

In the present date that real robot is all set in its flight mode and the team which had brought the robot into existence has formed a company which is named as ispace. It received funds to the tune of almost 90 million. It is the highest ever funding accepted by any company to date except for SpaceX which raised around $61 million.

This sort of massive support from the people and all other fraternity shows that how much everybody is expecting the success of this mission. The company has all the plans to send the robots to the moon and thereby extend its help to establish a permanent lunar settlement so that both our planet and the moon can presume the role of a single civilized system.

For Japan, it’s a massive step in space exploration and ispace, the first startup of its kind, is trying its level best to compete with the other nations. The little rover named as Sorato is just the beginning for them.