The Indian weather forecast becomes predictable due to the help of the information provided by ISRO which is Indian Space Research Organization. ISRO is said to keep a close eye on the sky as it helps in predicting weather conditions by providing essential satellite data to the IMD that is the Indian Meteorological Department. ISRO includes water data to the IMD. This helps in providing information about harsh weather conditions to the public and also contributes to warning then about any thunderstorm. To curb natural calamities, ISRO also helps and acts as a disaster management agency by providing useful information. ISRO has two different centers namely, SAC which is Ahmedabad based Applications Centre and NRSC which is Hyderabad based National Remote Sensing Centre. Both these centers of ISRO remains engaged in collecting satellite data regarding weather and also help in processing those satellite data.  

TapanMisra is said to be the director of Ahmedabad based Space Applications Centre. ISRO collects data from various meteorological satellites like Insat-3D, Scatsat, and 3DR. These data then gets corrected. This is done to avoid data which consists of atmospheric disturbances. Then the corrected data gets sent to the Indian Meteorological Department. H NRSC which is Hyderabad based National Remote Sensing Center and IMD use these data. The data gets directly processed. However, some of the data are uploaded to the website of ISRO named MOSDAC. Users use this information for their research in the study of the weather conditions.  

Other than informing about harsh climatic conditions, ISRO also helps in handling post-calamity damage. In the year 2015, it took a satellite data from its satellite RADARSAT-2 which should heavy rain in the state of Tamil Nadu. It had then placed maps on its website related to this. ISRO also provided maps showing the flash floods which took place in Rajasthan as well as Gujarat in the year 2017. To know the extent of the damage and to take measures to reduce it, the governments of the respective states used the maps and also the data provided by ISRO on the flood.  

The data by ISRO’s center in Hyderabad gets collected from satellites like Resourcesat-2A. The data gets uploaded on their portal Bhuvan as it contains valuable information related to land, rather and forest. Even ocean coloring is also monitored by this space agency. ISRO also helps in measuring cloud cover, humidity, and water vapor.