Chris Hadfield who is a Canadian Astronaut has given a detailed guide as to how to be a wannabe astronaut and thereby fulfill their dreams. He has covered all the details pertaining to the basic orbital mechanics to the minute details of rocketry. He has also given various trips as to how to train you as an astronaut and what to expect from space exploration. Mr. Chris has further added that his tips of exploration are meant for all those who are fond of exploration and not limited to space exploration only. He is confident that the tips that he has provided will also help the upcoming young generation to lead their life meticulously, methodically. He has advised the young generation to be diligent in their working approach and learn how to deal with problems efficiently.

Some of the tips that he has shared with us are as given below:

You should first try to be an expert and then turn a generalist

Initially, Hadfield was a test pilot and had served a long time for North American Aerospace Defense Command. However, when he became a part of the astronaut program in 1992, he realized that his knowledge was pretty pale in comparison to his other colleagues. So he decided to shift his pilot skills into astronaut skills at the earliest.

Astronauts should handle danger and delegate responsibility simultaneously

In his final days as an astronaut, Hadfield had to stay at the Space Station for nearly five months. This was during the period of 2013. But being an astronaut, no matter what happens, you have to pretty aware of the surroundings and the danger that may grasp you and you need to adopt the latest skills to cop up with such hurdles.

Improving interpersonal relations

Hadfield while traveling to space always tried to maintain cordial and friendly relations with his counterparts. He always tried to predict the situations in times of difficulties and behave with his mates as per the situational demand.

The moment of Launch is very crucial

Hadfield has advised the next generation that the moment of launch of any space shuttle is very special for any astronaut. He has advised astronauts to be very patient in their life and wait until they achieve this target. You will feel very special on that particular day but you have to be very real and grounded in yourself when this proud moment comes in your life.