For an extended period, scientists and science-lovers have reiterated the fact of “terraforming” Mars to make the planet suitable for human living. But now to experience such terraforming in real life, we need not look much beyond than our home sol on which we are standing currently. It is believed that not only humans but every organism that has lived on earth for over 4 billion years have contributed towards terraforming Earth to a great extent. Humans among them have committed to the maximum by building up civilization on a random basis and thereby made the situation much worse.

Starting from the trees to the small fungi to the fish that we eat, all have played their part in changing the geology of the Earth to a great extent. In one of the new episodes of “One strange rock,” astronauts and the scientists will give a clear picture of how life presented to Earth some of its most distinguished features.

The brand new documentary series telecasted by National Geographic Channel will depict how the astronauts see or instead view the Earth from the space. Will Smith is hosting the show. Mike Massimino has explained that when they look at the planet from the area, they realize how life has had an impact on the atmosphere, oceans and even on the creation of continents. He has further added that whatever we witness of Earth currently is something which has taken place due to the impact of life in whatever form it may, starting from a small creature like a lichen or a complex animal like us.

According to Mike, lichen might look a small creature with no power whatsoever. But the concept is very wrong. This is so because Earth’s land formation would never have been possible without them. With the help of their fungal filaments, the lichens have broken down the rocks releasing microscopic particles into the ocean. These particles trap water inside them for years, and after that, they are pulled deep inside the earth through which the mantle rocks get melted and flow more conveniently. This process ultimately leads to the volcano eruption.

Again such volcano eruption leads to the flowing of lava. Such flow of lava will ultimately lead to the formation of land which wouldn’t have been possible in the absence of such a mechanism. While lichens can bring about such changes in the shape of the earth, We, the humans, can terraform the Earth’s structure within few months by building cities, dams, buildings an so on.