Elon Musk, the man behind the continued success and popularity of the SpaceX, continues to dominate the world of space explorations. As based on the recent report from the SpaceX, the entire purpose of the company is to develop a sustainable and feasible model of transportation on the interplanetary that can transport humans to the extraterrestrial worlds. It is the goal of the SpaceX together with Elon Musk as the founder and CEO of the space company. 

This goal aims to help maintain a working colony on Mars. It is an admirable goal, and it is said to be one of the world’s major achievement if successfully done. Musk, the founder of the SpaceX has called it as the day of Earth and decided to set the human’s eyes on the redder pastures. According to Musk, there are two fundamental paths, and one path is people to stay on Earth, and he said that there would be extinction that will happen soon. The founder also made mention of the doomsday prophecy that history suggests that there will be a doomsday. 

Musk also suggests developing a space-bearing civilization which he thinks is the right way to save humanities. Eventually, Elon Musk plans to go to Mars for he wants to save people and the entire humanity. He also believes that developing permanent community and a new world in outer space will safeguard the humanities and ensures that people will survive any calamity. 

Elon Musk aims to protect the delicate ecosystems and to save lives and thrive in a safe place for all the humans. And trying to build a new home on the red planet is one of his great missions. Moreover, colonizing planet Mars requires a massive change in the Martian environment and surface. If people stay on Mars, experts suggest that the planet needs to be terraformed. There will be pumping of the greenhouse gases into the air until the air become nice and toasty.

According to experts, going to Mars will help people fix the destruction made by the entire humanities. The red planet may also provide people with new resources, space to test some radical technologies and provides new incentives. It is also said that going to Mars doesn’t mean that the Earth becomes a distant memory and the people will stay are lost. Musk and his SpaceX together with the experts have a great way for Earth and could be the key to saving the Earth from future destructions.