The heat shield of Mars rover is poorly hit, and there has been a fracture in its body while it was on a testing mission. However, the incident will not alter the launch date of the task as per the reports of the Space Agency. It has been designed to screen the Red Planet’s surface to find out any traces of microbial life. The robot which has six wheels will also search for any comfortable environments that might be present on Mars. The Space agency will inaugurate the mission in the year of 2020. In this year only Earth and Mars are scheduled to be appropriately aligned for an interplanetary mission and subsequently reach the Red Planet in the year of 2021.

The Heat shield has suffered structural damage which has occurred at the outer edge of the guard. This mishap took place during a weeklong test that was carried out at the Denver Workshop which belonged to the contractor Lockheed Martin Space, as per the statement released by NASA. The test was conducted to find out whether the heat shield can sustain the forces that would be 20 percent more than that of the energy it will experience while it reaches the Martian atmosphere for entry as well as landing operations.

The Mars 2020 team found this fracture on April 12. The group of Mission Management which located at the NASA’s Jet propulsion Laboratory located in Pasadena, California will work along with Lockheed Martin to find out what was the reason behind such cause of the crack. Then they will decide that whether any amendments in the design are to be made or not. This incident will not affect the targeted launch of Mars 2020, which is scheduled for launch on July 17, 2020, as per the latest data.

As per the latest news, the scientists have said that it would be essential to find out the reason for crack. It is highly crucial because this heat shield forms part of the spacecraft’s thermal protection system. The rover was designed to protect the Martian rover from the intense heat that it would suffer when landing on Mars. The space agency officials have said that the damage would be repaired soon for further launch testing. Scientists will prepare the new heat shield within the next year.