The goal of Elon Musk and the rest of the SpaceX’s team was to make Falcon 9 rocket as robust as possible. To ensure that the wish became a reality, they thought of a fantastic idea. They would see to it that the propellant’s exposure to frigid temperature. Consequently, it would shrink and they would keep more of it into the tanks. As much as that is good news, there is much more that is at risk. What is the likelihood? The details unveil in a moment.

Experts in security matters see it as a risky approach. According to them, what poses a threat is the exposure to low temperatures. Under those conditions, the loading of the propellant would happen a stink before taking off. It is essential that at that time, the astronauts will be aboard. The worst part will be if an accident or spark occurs. Why is that? The reason is that the occurrence of either of the two would lead to an explosion.

That has as of now caught the attention of not only the Congress but also those who advise NASA when it comes to safety measures. Now that calls for great concern. Why not when both SpaceX and NASA are to begin launching humans this year.

Some opinions regarding the step are that it poses a safety risk. Through a letter to NASA from an advisory group also had something to say. From what they observed, it goes against the booster safety criteria. There is a reason why the rule has existed for more than half a century. Is it time for someone to break or bend it? Only time will tell.

Everyone who knows the past would tell where NASA is coming from no doubt. For instance, there was an explosion of Falcon 9 rocket of SpaceX. The incident took place in September 2016 after its fuelling in preparation of an engine test. The aftermath was unpleasant. SpaceX lost a satellite worth millions. Fortunately, not a single soul was hurt. Nevertheless, everyone can only imagine what would have transpired if there were people aboard. Isn’t the risk too much? Is the innovation even worth it?

With NASA, security of humans come first. That is not something I would say about Elon because he is a risk taker when it comes to rocket science. Let us wait and see the decision that the involved parties will arrive at, eventually.